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ons to draft agreements,▓ but they often do this so as▓ to blame China for the failu▓re of previous trade talks. Alterations to the texts of a draft agreement are common in trade consul▓tations.

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The US side ▓has continuously adju▓sted its demands thro▓ugh the 11 rounds of talks. Ho▓w can it then ac▓cuse China of reneging, whe▓n in fact it was its own vio▓lation o

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f bilateral ▓consensus, eating its own words, and the lack of sinceri▓ty that have caused setbacks in the ▓trade talks?It i▓s not easy for ▓China and US to come back to the negotiat

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ing table. To churn out a good result, th▓e two sides need to consider e▓ach other’s reasonable concerns. If the US continues to resort to t▓he old pressure ta

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ctics, i▓t will only end up harming the US-China cooperative ▓ties and letting go of the his▓toric opportunity. P▓lease scan the QR Code to foll▓ow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to ▓follow us on WechatUS hawk stokes China colonialism

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  • ▓on, US GDP in the ▓second quart
  • er increased 2.1%, down from the
  • ▓ first quarter’s 3.1▓%.
  • It was the weakest growth ▓sin

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ump took office in 2017. U.S. manufactur

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    ▓ 2019, according to Feder▓al
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